Tuesday 15/5 – Friday 18/5

Minestrone soup 65
Smoked trout, lamb´s lettuce, soy bean dressing 92

Cauliflower cream soup with red lentils and green curry 65
Capresse salad 92

Pork roasts, potato dumplings and spinach 168
Spaghetti with veal hanger, sage and lemon peel, parmasan 178
Seared veal liver, french fries, tartare sauce, frisée salad 198
Mackeral filet, lettuce salad with mango dressing 220
Tuna steak, sautéed potatoes with dried tomatoes, peapods, bernaisse sauce 365


Grilled bell peppers 185
Marinated grilled bell peppers, sheep´s cheese and lamb´s lettuce, olive oil

Shrimps 235
Sautéed  shrimps, andalusian gazpacho, marinated cucumber

Tuna 228
Fresh sliced tuna, marinated green apple, dill dressing with coriander

Tartare 195
Asparagus tartare, avocado, roasted tomatoes, marinated cucumber

Meli-melo 264
Beef tenderloin carpaccio, shrimp meli-melo, chive mayonnaisse and romanesco

Escabeche 244
Marinated seabream “Escabeche” with red cabbage, coriandr, carrots and avocado

Foie gras 248
Goose liver foie gras “au torchon”, rhubarb, toasted poppy-seed, butter brioche

Egg 62° 195
Buckwheat, egg 62°, asparágus, parsley oil, dried mushrooms

Salad with beef 185
Salad with sliced roasted beef steak with sesame, mungo, chilli dressing

Soup 135
Green pea cream soup with rabbit leg confit


Octopus 454
Grilled octopus, romanesco, courgettes and wild broccoli, light mussels sauce

Cod fish 388
Cod fish steak, potatoes, green beans, fish jus and tomatoes

Seabream 429
Papilotte – oven cooked whole seabream with vegetables, potatoes, white wine and fresh herbs

Tuna 435
Tuna steak, mangetout, grenaille potatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, bernaisse sauce, foie gras shaves

Cacciucco for two 794
Owen cooked fish pot for two – cacciucco – fish, seafood, vegetables, tomatoes, croutons and potatoes

Pasta 296
Linguini with burrata and basil pesto

Duck 384
Roasted duck breast, foie gras, spätzle and sautéed fresh cabbage, duck jus

Guinea fowl 378
Guinea fowl supréme, mashed corn, sour radish, mushroom sauce

Veal 394
Veal hanger steak with herb crust, forrest mushrooms, radicchio and pea, veal jus

Piglet 395
Slow roast piglet with red sparkling wine, carrots and spinach, mashed potatoes

Lamb 388
Lamb roast, burnt onions, jerusalem artichoke puré, cauliflower with smoked paprika

Beef steak 424
Beef flap (bavette) steak, homemade fries, herb mayonnaisse






Créme brulée Atelier 130
Our version of the classic

Ice cream 130
Ice cream of the day with liquor from Žufánek distillery

Starwberries 140
Fresh strawberries and Sabayon sauce

Millefeuilles 135
Lemon mille feuilles, orange, raspberry powder, caramel

Chocolate 155
Chocolate brownies, green tea, raspberries, vanilla ice cream

Cheese selection with marmelade 188
Cheese selection with fruits marmelade

Chef´s choice 135
Daily special chef´s selection dessert